Friday, March 22, 2013

Day after day

19/03 Tuesday,
Went to a Interview by my own. Everything went on very smooth :) Can't wait to start work! 

I'm so happy and excited even after the interview. I took wrong bus to some ulu interchange @_@ waste so many hours

Met Joanne at National Library. And continue the proposal.

 I think everyone love this sandwich yay? But this 2 flavor of sandwich. NOT NICE. Donnnnnnnnnnnn't ttrrrrrrrrry this 2 flavor

20/3 Wednesday,
Met Joanne again. Meeting the client to present our proposal. 

Went Coffee Bean and have our lunch while waiting for them,
Got tempted by the Menu and I got the Black Pepper Chicken Pasta. I'm so disappointed. Should have order Salad. U'll never never go wrong ordering Salad.
I still look excited and happy because I haven't start digging in
Chill chill after presenting our proposal before I go work. Pray hard everything will be smooth like today's proposal. Meeting the boss on Monday! 

Didn't work event for ages. Work for Heineken Forum for 2 days. Had fun, loving the last day because I get to work with Zhen and we had so many yummy desserts! Tarts, cupcakes, macrons, pudding, chocolates, fondue etc after work. Didn't bring my camera so don't have any pics! : -)

Tmr it's Weekends! 
Have fun guys : -D

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