Saturday, March 23, 2013

A proper outing

We plan this outing for a month earlier. Because we realize we always hang out nearby our place. or void deck. Hahaha but for me the company is important then anything else.

So doll up myself like i'm gg for a date :)
Met them at Tampines and head down to Sentosa tgt :)

Hehe full attendance for our outing :-)

Taking train to Sentosa. It's weekends so can't avoid the crowd! >_<"
Act one tourist. 

At RWS gg accompany Cong to collect some stuff. 
I don't like my teeth. Some of my pics can really tell that I've rabbit teeth >:B Can't wait to save enough $ and push them in! And might be able to change abit of my face shape :-)

Almost everyone attached now. Only left with me and kok. I left with no other choice.. hahaha took this pic it's because I've this pic of us maybe like 4-5 years ago? that i pin on my board since then. Need to update update it! Hahaha look how puiiiiiii I was back then? I won't say I'm very skinny now but waaahhh my face last chance! So big! U can tell who gain weight who lose weight yah? :-P
Luckily I'm a girl in this clique. They kept talking about diff brands O_o" Which most of them I'm clueless about it! For them now it's New Balance craze! 
Went to Scape* after RWS. We went flea for awhile and I bought this! Hui and I have the same key chine.  Lovely pastel colors yah! So cuteeeeeeee

Kok is always our phone life-saver! Look! Saw dave sticker on his portable charger? Update more about Dave soon! ;-)
We went Play Nation and play board games! Had our lunch aka dinner there! Each person is $11 with Free flood drinks + popcorn and 2 hours of board games!

Only manage to take 2 main dish. Which is kok's fried chicken cutlet. Overall not bad. I like the sauce though!
And my seafood pasta. Ok, next! Really not nice :<  
After our meal and it's.....PLAYTIME!  
One is HuiHui Team! 
And Alice Team!

And, the team that won is...........
Loser team T_T Hahahaha Kok drew that! Hahaha so funny
On left onwards, it's Cong because he always sleepy middle one is me and then Edwin.
Oooops I just realize this grp photo Kok close his eyes! HAHAHAHA this is the only nice grp photo without the boards.
And shisha time!
Nice environment, and channel5 was showing "The ruins" 
Their yummy pizzzzzzzza and cong order their chicken chop as well! It's yummmmms. Although quite costly!

Went Starbucks to chill instead because we got really sleepy there cause too comfortable! Haha


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